A clean library is a healthy library.

Paramount to the preservation of books; cleaning your books and shelving space not only prolongs the life of your collections, but also improves the experience of your library visitors and protects staff from health issues.

Library Cleaning Services

A Clean Collection

There are many benefits to having a clean library collection including:

  • Protecting staff and visitors from irritation, allergies and longer term health issues

  • Provide a more pleasant environment and better experience of your library

  • Reduce the risk of mould, insects and other pests

  • Prevent damage to books and extend life of the collections

Library Cleaning Service

As the UK's leading library cleaning service provider, we carry out archival standard cleaning the length and

breadth of the country. Our dedicated team can complete anything from a small scale cleaning project

to full library and archive cleaning over an extended period.

Our professional library cleaning service includes:

  • Review of condition of collection in situ

  • Experienced team of trained bookbinders utilised ensuring correct handling practices

  • Archive approved cleaning practices

  • Museum grade equipment


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The DAD team cleaned our Designated library collections ranging from 16th to 20th century books and journals in preparation for further wrapping and/or packing as part of a major collections decant in summer 2017. It was a pleasure having such an experienced, knowledgeable team to assist us. They responded cheerfully to tight deadlines and a wide range of storage conditions. We were able to move our collection out on time and in the knowledge that it was clean.
— Royal College of Surgeons of England Library