A bespoke menu for your restaurant or bar can be made to fit around your design and branding.

From leather, cloth, plastic, wood and metal - we will have a solution to suit.

Menu Styles

There are a variety of styles available for menus from screw fittings, elastic holders and page holders or pockets.

A variety of durable materials are available and your logo or brand can be added as foiled, blind embossed or laser etched.

Menu Internal Fittings

Your menu can be held in place in a number of ways to suit your design and your specific menu.

If you have a large menu of numerous pages that does not change frequently then a book or screw fitting option is ideal. the pages are secured in place and there is a great deal of flexibility around the thickness of the menu.

If you change your menu between sittings or on a daily or weekly basis then a elastic, corner or pocket option would suit. Elastic menus can hold a number of pages, but can be changed over very easily and individual pages can be added or removed as required for "Specials" etc. The Page Holder option suits one or two page menus as a flat tablet style for one page menus and folder style for two page menus.

As our menus are created specifically for your individual design, we can work with you to incorporate a mixture of any of the above features to create a flexible and functional menu option for your business.