"LOW LANDS" Exhibition @ Glasgow Print Studio


@ Glasgow Print Studio


This wonderful exhibition showcases the work of eight artists who produce their work at the Glasgow Print Studio and have recieved funding from The Bet Low Trust, a registerd Scottish Charity awarding grants to students and practising artists in Scotland.

We enjoyed a wee glass of wine and seeing the work at the opening of the exhibition last Thursday night, as Downie Allison Downie was proud to be one of the show's sponsers.

As part of the event each artist will receive one of each of the eight prints in a huge presentation box made by us here in our workshop.  A boxed set will also be kept in the Glasgow Print Studio archives.

Glasgow Print Studio

The Glasgow Print Studio is an open access print workshop run by an experienced staff and is a truly inspiring place just to visit never mind working in the space.

The operate on a membership basis with the members having access to their impressive range of equipment and expertise.  However, if you are new to printmaking you can try one of their many weekend or evening classes - we would quite like to take part in one of those ourselves!

Regular exhibitions are held in their impressive gallery space where you can admire, or even purchase, some of the amazing prints on show.


More information about the exhibitions, classes and workshops at the Glasgow Print Studio can be found on their website -  www.glasgowprintstudios.co.uk

You can see the "LOW LANDS" exhibition, and our lovely boxes at the Glasgow Print Studio until 30th October.