We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Book Inspired DIY Christmas Decorations

Etsy - MaisyandAlice

Etsy - MaisyandAlice

We have been so so busy over the last few weeks it has felt like Christmas spirit has passed us by - but I can assure you we are feeling it now!  Just a couple of big orders to finish and a few Christmas gifts waiting to be picked up by some of our lucky customers and we will be ready for our well deserved Christmas break!

So I thought I'd wish you all a great holiday with a few book inspired Christmas decorations to have a go making at home - a home made Christmas is one of the things I love best!


Gorgeous Garlands

This gorgeous garland caught my attention.  It's a little different from the brightly coloured paper chains I used to make as a child but it is beautiful and the text definitely brings a much cosier quality to this string of hearts.



Literary Christmas trees

A wonderfully simple but effective idea!  You can find a number of amazing examples of Christmas book art but these I reckon are definitely ones most folk could have a successful go at.  They'd make quirky gifts or lovely centrepiece for your Christmas table!

You can find the tutorial to make these dinky book trees here.

Advent Stars

In my search for handmade Christmas decorations it is difficult to avoid the abundance of traditional Scandinavian ornaments.  I thought I'd have a go at making a Swedish advent star using this tutorial.  Usually made of straw, this version works brilliantly with pages from a discarded novel.

scandi star 2.JPG

A little bit fiddly at first but surprisingly easy to make and understatedly pretty!  It is perhaps a little to tasteful too sit alongside my neon pink tinsel but I am a huge fan of mix and match and at Christmas anything goes!

I do hope everyone has a wonderful time over the festive period - eat, drink and be merry!

We look forward to seeing you in the new year!