We can make books in any style, design and they can be made to suit a particular era. This is particularly appealing for the film and TV industry, allowing you to have a 'hero' book made for any scene where a prop book is required.

Prop book replica book


Using traditional methods we can create books from almost any era, ensuring accurate reproduction for any close up detail required. Whether you are looking for a 19th century diary to a 15th century manuscript we can help you create the exact style and look of book required.

Prop box

Matching style

If you have a picture of the style of binding that you would like then just get in touch and we can make a copy to suit your production.

  • custom pages
  • huge range of materials
  • custom titles on spine & front
  • logos or designs can be embossed
  • any size & shape
  • aging techniques available if required
Prop book sets

Sets of Prop Books

Whether you are looking for 1 book or a full set of books for a scene we can help. We were asked recently to create around 50 volumes of a traditional notebook journal for a scene where the elderly actor was going through his life's diaries. These were printed internally with mock-up pages and hero pages so that they could be opened and looked through on film.