Protecting Originals with Replica Books

Facsimile or replica books are a great way for private and public museums to let the public see historic books such as ledgers, stock books and whisky recipe books whilst keeping the original books in good repair.

We can create a copy of the original binding and age it so that it matches the original book as much as possible.

The reproduction or facsimile books can then be displayed in place of the originals.

The end result is hard to tell the difference between the new and the old.

Replica books for whisky museum

Replica Book Internals

The original books can be scanned in colour to accurately match the existing pages with all of the aging and dis-couloration shown inside.

The books are then sewn to the original binding style to keep the reproduction books as close to the original book as possible.

The page edges are then weathered to add in the patina of age to add more character to the reproduction book.

Replica books copied internals
REplica books scanned internals