We offer a professional and affordable book digitisation service for bound and unbound books,

historical books, ledgers, maps or any other documents.

From the thickest of bound reference books to the most fragile newspapers, we have seen it all and achieved consistently outstanding scans.

Book digitisation

Professional Scanning Services

Where required, we can accurately scan books without needing to remove bindings or fixings.

This ensures your books are kept in the best condition possible.

We also offer a specialised digitisation service for even the most fragile of books and achieve

exceptional results without causing any damage.

After scanning, the original books are returned safely to you and the digital files are stored securely

and returned to you in your preferred format.

Why use DAD bookbinders?

As bookbinders first and foremost, our staff have the necessary skills and understanding of books, their condition and binding that other digitisation companies do not have, in order to determine the most suitable scanning strategies for your media.

We understand books and conserve historical books on a regular basis for libraries and archives across the UK, so when you have your books digitised, you know they are in very safe and capable hands with people who don't only understand digitisation, but all aspects of book conservation. You can rest assured that your books will be handled with the best of care and you will receive the most appropriate advice for the condition of the documents.

Additionally, as we conserve all forms of leather, paper and velum materials, we can offer a full digitisation and conservation service from start to finish.


Book digitisation scanner

Book digitisation disbound book

Disbinding and rebinding

As we are bookbinders as well as digitisers, we can also disbind and rebind your materials with the

necessary care and attention that only trained bookbinders can achieve. You will therefore be assured that your

books are returned to you as you expect and there are no "surprises" from the materials being disbound incorrectly

or disbound when they would not be able to be rebound again.

We can also create bespoke archival boxes or flap cases to house the original items once scanned

to prevent further deterioration of the documents.

We would be happy to discuss your requirements for any digitisation and archiving that you require.

Call us on 0141 339 0333 or email us at mail@dadbookbinders.com